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Professional Bookkeeping in Kalispell and Surrounding Areas


Bookkeeping in Kalispell and surrounding areas that include payroll, financial reports, and other bookkeeping needs.

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About Us

Dee Cooper - Owner


I have a Masters of Science in Accountancy and a Bachelors of Science in Business with over 30 years of experience in bookkeeping in Kalispell and surrounding area and am happy to help you with you accounting needs.

Mountain Bookkeeping Clients


We’re dedicated to our clients. We help them in any way we can. Our client have included Black Rose Spiritual Center, The Pines Home Owner Association, The Aquarium Shop, Jamie Meek, and currently Darrell Fenner 4-H Camp, Cooper's Rabbit Ranch & The Kalispell Elks Lodge.

Your Business is Ours


We will report to you on how your business is developing financially. We will train you on QuickBooks if that is what your business needs to help you become more independent.

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